Collaboration Announcement (14 March 2016)

Perfect collaboration. Thanks again Stefanie Metellus and Andre Mullen for making it happen. You rock! Awesome team work. I am working on the FX still though;-).

Stef Silva is a singer/songwriter from Miami, FL whose soulful vocals and melodic sounds have helped make her unique in the South Florida music scene. Driven by her desire to bridge the gap between art and what she believes, Stef writes about her experiences in life and uses music as a sounding board.
?It?s not just about music. It?s more than that. We as human beings use art (whether poetry, painting or music) to communicate. For me, I cannot separate what I believe from what I create. I give meaning to what I believe when I create. I believe art, like other things in life, is a reflection of our heart. It?s what makes what we create meaningful.?
Facebook: facebook.com/stefsilvamusic
Instagram: steftellus
YouTube: stefsilvamusic
Bandcamp: stefsilva.bandcamp.com
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