Techno helped me find my purpose.

….she knew it was time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings. It starts with T and ends with an O….Techno!

Some may well reach that point in their lives when the status quo isn’t working.? It is at this juncture that we may decide to take a stand to create and anchor unprecedented visions, dreams or desires. No matter how, who or what dynamics in play, it’s a time when changing our status quo means being true to our soul. Have you ever had such an experience?

How does one be true to one’s soul? She can but only share her experience. Use it or don’t.

No doubt there are a myriad of paths, channels and possibilities. She first made a conscious decision. A choice to face lifetimes of deeply instilled fears head-on, unravel childhood misconceptions, heal deep seated pain, see the untruths and truly listen. It was only then that the magic and miracles unfolded.

Intuitively she then followed a creative art that got her soul dancing. Music.? Apprehensively allowing it to work it’s thrilling magic through her body, mind and soul, the Universe responded. For the first time it all flowed. She was on the right track though her mind screamed No! Transformation is clearly not for the faint-heated.? She leveraged every nuance to propel her journey every step of the way. So why would she take heed to her dominant, unbending, arrogant, old structured ego? It was a healthy debate.

The Truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction indeed. When Spirit decides you deserve to truly live the life you’ve hankered a lifetime after, we best be watching and listening, with our hearts. It’s all about trusting that feeling within.

Spirit communicated through numbers (11:11, 13, 555, 33), symbols (Astrology) and serendipity (Miracles). She observed and listened in complete awe. Though physically present in the 3D (3rd Dimension), the 5D (5th Dimension) crew had her back. Just for good measure they threw in an against-all-odds-mirror-soul into the equation. Talk about bad timing! Or so she thought.

So what does all this have to do with Techno? Long story short this here DJ journey is of a spiritual nature.?Techno music the key to discovering her Purpose. A Purpose grounded in Creativity, Music, Love, Light, and Synchronicity.? Sharm Pillay is merely the DJ, the messenger. South Africa’s first Indian (proudly so), Techno DJ, Empath, Starseed, Twinflame and Lightworker, walked a 21 year long and winding incredible journey straight into her soul truth. How can one possibly ignore or negate an experience such as this? It would be negating all of her existence.

Some of us are late bloomers. Do it anyway. Miracles do happen. Daily.

She soon faced her ultimate challenge of making a final choice. A decision of the Heart. Not him, not they, not it, nor friends or family, not even Spirit has a hand in it this time around. It was all up to her alone. No pressure at all.

It’s a conscious choice and it takes a whole lot of courage. Courage to firstly acknowledge our shadow self. Courage to keep going against all odds. Courage to heal. Courage to face that dreaded old fear! Courage to fall and fail.? Courage to accept the new you and yes courage to rise.

Has she not discovered the keys to freedom lay deeply hidden within her heart? Has she not experienced the magical voice of Spirit within her own heart?

Yes this time around she’s using her Heart with everything she’s got.? She chooses Freedom. She chooses Love. She chooses what has been on the other side of fear. Her Truth. It had always been a conversation of Hearts.?The 5D kind. INT-ui-TION, it lives within U & I.

So is she perfect already? She prefers realness now.
Has she arrived? She believes in the adventure.
Has she learned the lessons? Soul growth is a lifetime of work.
Is she afraid of failing and falling? She is the Light.
Is she standing in her Truth? Hell yeah!
It takes courage to be who you were always meant to be.
Only Love is Real.

“This is my Journey, I?m honouring it. It?s my Truth. I?m owning it.” Sharm Pillay

With Pure Love & Golden Light

Sharm Pillay

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(Friday, 13 Jan 2016 @ 11:11am)

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